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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Garth Invades the UK and Ireland

Week One of Garth's World Tour 2003 has been completed. After surviving the 10 hour flight, 8 hour stopover, 11 hour flight mayhem that was my flight from Sydney to London (via a transit hotel in Seoul) I have:

  • Visited my Uncle and his family
  • Caught the tube approximately 12 times, a black cab once, and a minicab once
  • Visited the British Museum, Trafalgar Square, 10 Downing Street, Tate Modern Museum, London Eye, the Tower, various bridges across the Thames, the Lmb and Flag pub in Covent Garden, the Engineer pub in Camden, and Westminster Abbey in four days
  • Watched Tim Henman win through, then lose, in the Wimbledon Quaterfinals (on TV only, of course)
  • Flown to Dublin from London, meeting up with my ex-girlfriend, and other Irish friends
  • Been to the following Irish pubs/bars in Dublin: the Temple Bar, the Hairy Lemon (where we were too late to get in, despite my ex-girlfriend arguing for 10 minutes with the bounce) and the Break to the Border
  • Caught a stomach bug, then tonsilitis
  • Walked through Dublin, noting how close it is to my ex's flat
  • Caught a bus through Dublin
  • Driven a car through Dublin, to Kilkenny, to Thurles, to Cork, despite not having driven for over 2 years
  • Visited in Ireland: Kilkenny, Kilkenny Castle, the Kilkenny Cathedral, the Rock of Cashel, my ex's sister's house, Thurles and Cork

    So! I've been busy well and truly. My ex and I are into our third day of our driving trip around Ireland. I was pretty sick in Dublin (stupid tonsils), so didn't do as much as I had hoped to do, but will have time there later. Killkenny was lovely - very pretty. Killkenny castle was very impressive as well.

    The ex's sister and her husband were great. Stayed with them yesterday in Thurles, which is in County Tipperary, before visiting the Rock of Cashel - this old stone fortress on a hill in Tipperary. Really impressive.

    We then drove onto Cork (in County Cork), which is the second biggest city in Ireland (behind Dublin). Tomorrow we'll drive onto the Irish coast, and into West coasy.

    We might be able to watch a big hurling match in Galway on Sunday with the ex's sister and husband - Tipperary play Galway in a final (I think) - so that would be cool. Hurling is this psycho Irish game played wielding sticks, and hitting about this hard white ball. Say no more.

    OK, better go. Hope to write some more if I get around to it.