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Friday, June 06, 2003

Mars Society Revealed to be Monarchy

At the risk of turning into a hyperlinking website, I was reading Ken Layne when he referred to this bizarre story about the public communicating directly (electronically) via the White House website. The most damaging information revealed?

Interior Secretary Gale A. Norton admires Paula Abdul. Opposites attract, baby.


Just Call Me The Mish Mish Man

Just in case you thought the justice system didn't work, here is an example of English court case which should restore your faith.

When I read: "Dismissing the claim, he added that despite extensive surfing of the Internet in search of illumination, he had been unable to establish whether the words complained of in the rap were actually references to violence and drugs.", I was sure the next paragraph would be: "The judge then added that he did discover that the Internet contains an awful lot of pornography, and he would be researching this issue heavily."

God bless the Internet.

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Guide to Top Aussies

When I was searching for good pictures of David Boon, I came across this website about "Top Aussies". I remember getting an e-mail a couple of years back which was extremely similar to this (if not exactly the same).

So go and discover what makes a Top Aussie!

Monday, June 02, 2003

Drunk and Talking to Cricket Celebrities

On Friday night, after my Taxi radio adventure, me and my companions arrived at the Lord Dudley. As I was easing my way into another schooner of Toohey's New I noticed this guy at the bar dressed in a tuxedo. Who happened to be Mark Taylor - an ex-captain of Australia's cricket team! I quickly got the attention of my companions - all except one were foreigners, and so didn't appreciate the moment. For the other Australian and myself, however, this was very exciting. After having another couple of mouthfuls of beer, I gathered my courage and went and talked to the man.

Approaching celebrities in public is always a difficult thing. You don't want to be too fawning, but you also want to actually have some kind of conversation. As it turned out, Mark Taylor was very cool. He had actually just come from a function held at the University I play football for - in fact, the Aussie Rules Football club had won an award as "Club of the Year". So Mark and I chattered awhile about footy - though when I challenged the ex-cricket captain to recall his old footy team's song, he couldn't remember it.

This isn't the first time I have managed to corner an Australian cricketing legend in a pub. My previous effort was talking to David Boon, legendary Australian cricketer, and heroic drinker. Needless to say the man was pissed, but was able to talk at some length about his batting partner Geoff "Swampy" Marsh when I managed to talk to him.

Actually, Boony and Swampy were both amazing drinkers. Boony holds the beer drinking record for the flight to London - something like 52 beers! Swampy was apparently in such good drinking form at one stage in his career that other team-members took "shifts" drinking with him - someone would drink with him for a few hours, go pass out, and the next person would take over.

Ah, cricket. And in case you were wondering - no, you don't have to be a great athlete to be good at cricket - check out these photos of Boony.